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JOE BIDEN V.S. GOD ALMIGHTY!! (nationwide world wide) [xundo]

Waterfront Camping Lots map [xundo]

did i move to russia and not realize it,no one can speak thier mind (any more ,hmmm) pic [xundo]

do you think fcc and tv stations care about you then read this (nationwide) pic [xundo]

if i am a man but dress as a bear am i now a bear (anywher) [xundo]

stop allowing ppl to use bars cars and guns they all kill people (nationwide) pic [xundo]

how very odd for a so called leader the pope was here and didnt even (address gay marriage) pic [xundo]

which jesus is closest to jesus in bible one says he is god one says (he is prophet 3d says he is son of god) pic [xundo]

matt 23:And do not call anyone on earth 'father,' for you have one (Father, and he is in heaven.) pic [xundo]

what kind of country doesnt show gop debates but instead shows pope (who misrepresents gods word on tv) [xundo]

why did i quit buying new dvds at stores (anywhere) [xundo]

repulsive (anywhere) [xundo]

fyi if you want to get rid if giant H&I icon that covers half of (screen on tv for heroes and icons) [xundo]

does our leaders incite violence all day on tv hoping we kill each (other so less ppl on earth) [xundo]

Homosexodus! Students flee forced 'gay' agenda (public schools) [xundo]

so am i reading that maryland has no separation of church and state (teaching islam hmm who else doesnt hmm!!) [xundo]

this was forewarned and it all came true and came back to bite (ungodly ppl in power now) [xundo]

why i will never use at@t premarin or viagra (worldwide) [xundo]

should we obey god or man (the last days) [xundo]

if we cant even create enough jobs for americans why do we have a (flood of immigration) [xundo]

i have looked till im blue and find no calenders of events at ikes or (convention center) [xundo]

trump did i hear you say we need illegals to do jobs america wont do (ok what about these facts) [xundo]

ok now i realize trump is talking outta both sides of his mouth he (lost my vote) [xundo]

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